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09.20.2016 - 09.22.2016

2016 Indiana MPO Conference

RSG Director Vince Bernardin and Consultant Steve Tuttle will present this week at the 2016 Indiana MPO Conference on big data in activity-based models and travel time reliability for travel models. We’re honored to be a sponsor of the event taking place in South Bend, Indiana from September 20-22.

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08.04.2016 - 08.05.2016

2016 Summer Conference on Transportation Planning and Air Quality

RSG is proud to sponsor the 2016 Summer Conference on Transportation Planning and Air Quality. The event will take place in Minneapolis from August 4th-5th and the spotlight theme is “The Changing Landscape of Transportation and Air Quality: Confronting the Challenges at the Global, Regional, and Local Scales.” RSG’s Bob Chamberlin will be in attendance.

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06.22.2016 - 06.26.2016

International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM)

RSG’s Susie Irizarry presented at the International Symposium for Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) in Houghton, Michigan from June 22-26. Her presentation focused on RSG’s application of a sustainable transportation framework to evaluate and make recommendations to address the visitor use and transportation issues at three high-use recreation sites in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in Colorado. test

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New England Noise-Con 2016: Revolution in Noise Control

A paper co-authored by RSG’s Ken Kaliski and Eddie Duncan is being presented at Noise-Con 2016 this week by Robert O’Neal of Epsilon. The presentation is titled “Massachusetts Research Study on Wind Turbine Acoustics: Overview and Conclusions” and discusses the measurement and analysis campaign of five operating community-scale wind projects in Massachusetts.

Noise-Con is the annual conference hosted by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA) attracting engineers and consultants nationwide to discuss issues in noise control. RSG’s Karl Washburn is attending. test

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ITE Intermountain Section 56th Annual Meeting

Last week, RSG Senior Engineer Kordel Braley presented at the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Intermountain Section 56th Annual Meeting in Jackson, Wyoming. His presentation was on using market segment analysis to improve transit service, sharing some of our work with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).

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Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) Annual Meeting

RSG Senior Director Bill Woodford spoke at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia this week. The conference theme was titled “Transforming Transit: The Next Generation,” focused on how the new generation sees and approaches urban mobility and quality of life and how their lifestyle and mobility behaviors are forcing the industry to adapt to the new reality. Bill delivered both a keynote address on factors affecting transit ridership as well as a follow-up on ridership at a by-invitation transit leader session.

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05.13.2016 - 05.13.2016

2016 ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting

RSG’s Steve Gayle will be presenting this week at the 2016 Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Northeastern District Annual Meeting in Portsmouth, NH. His presentation, titled “State and Metropolitan Freight Plans: National Priority, Local Focus,” will share RSG’s work on the Capital District Transportation Committee (Albany, NY) Freight and Goods Movement Plan, and the New York State Freight Transportation Plan. RSG is a silver sponsor of the event.

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05.02.2016 - 05.04.2016

2016 Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) Conference

We are honored to sponsor and contribute to the 2016 Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) conference in Denver, Colorado next week. We look forward to leading or helping lead 18 different sessions throughout the event.

The ITM conference is designed to facilitate sharing information and experiences on current models and modeling research. It will also explore the integration of social factors, land-use, transportation supply, and technology into the modeling process. RSG is a bronze patron of the event.

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04.25.2016 - 04.28.2016

Vermont Society of Engineers (VSE) 103rd Annual Meeting

RSG’s Corey Mack is to present today at the Vermont Society of Engineers (VSE) annual meeting in Killington, VT. His presentation will discuss RSG’s work on the Burlington Waterfront Skate Park, exploring the unique challenges and solutions sought to bring a world-class skate facility to Burlington, VT.

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03.28.2016 - 04.01.2016

2016 Vermont Walk/Bike Summit

RSG Senior Engineer Erica Wygonik and Project Engineer Corey Mack are attending the 2016 Vermont Walk/Bike Summit in Rutland, VT today. Erica will also be giving a presentation on engaging users to increase public involvement in bicycle and pedestrian planning in their communities.

The 2016 Vermont Walk/Bike Summit will be the second annual statewide event of its kind, attracting community members, employers, planners, and researchers throughout Vermont for in-depth sharing on current efforts, new ideas, and networking to advance more livable communities. RSG is proud to be a sponsor of this event.

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03.28.2016 - 04.01.2016

2016 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo

RSG Director John Hinckley will be attending the 2016 Northeast Biomass Heating Expo in Burlington, VT today. He will be moderating a session dedicated to addressing air quality, titled “PM and Public Health, Fact from Fiction/Biomass Air Quality.”

The Northeast Biomass Heating Expo is one of the fastest growing biomass thermal energy conferences in the US, attracting nearly 2000 attendees to build a comprehensive knowledge base of biomass thermal heating.

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02.22.2016 - 02.25.2016

Northern New England Facility Masters Conference

RSG Director John Hinckley and Consultant Isaac Old are attending the Northern New England Facility Masters Conference this week in Exeter, NH. John is to speak at the event with a presentation titled, “Armed and Dangerous: The Questions You Should Ask to Help Successfully Plan, Design, and Permit a Source of Air Pollution.”

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02.15.2016 - 02.18.2016

Cargo Logistics Canada (CLC) Conference

RSG Senior Director Peter Plumeau will be speaking at the Cargo Logistics Canada (CLC) Expo and Conference in Montreal, QC from February 17-18.

He is to present on distribution and logistics, including how the industry is affecting public sector land use planning and infrastructure development and how/why the private development industry needs to work more closely with public sector land use and infrastructure planners to support economic vitality and quality of life for business and residents.

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02.01.2016 - 02.05.2016

2016 Energy, Utility, & Environment Conference (EUEC2016)

RSG Co-Founder Colin High and RSG Director Eddie Duncan to present this week at the Energy, Utility, & Environment Conference (EUEC2016) in San Diego, CA. Colin’s presentation is on protocol revisions concerning electric power generation and GHG measurement. Eddie’s, on the other hand, will discuss how to understand noise complaints from low-noise utility projects.

The EUEC is touted as the largest conference of its kind on these subjects, facilitating information exchange and fostering cooperation between industry, government, and regulatory stakeholders for the protection of our environment and energy security.

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01.25.2016 - 01.29.2016

2016 ITE Utah Conference

RSG’s Stephen Lawe presented this afternoon at the 2016 Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Utah Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. His presentation “Risk: Traffic Forecasting” discussed how to understand and manage uncertainty in the future forecasting process when using models to support policy decisions.

ITE is comprised of local transportation engineers, planners, and other professionals responsible for the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of Utah’s transportation system.