Research & Analytics

Survey-based research

Analysis, insights, and decisions are only as good as the underlying data. RSG has developed and deploys innovative survey methods to collect and synthesize data on the perceptions and behavior of individuals and the systems with which they interact. This includes surveys on origin-destination (OD) patterns, product and service preferences, household travel diaries, visitor experience, and customer satisfaction.

Our survey data is collected through our proprietary online survey platform and industry-leading location-aware mobile app, rMove™. Both platforms apply a rigorous software engineering approach to survey programming and enable fully customizable and sophisticated data collection.

We often work with online sample providers, clients’ customer lists and local organizations, and manage intercept locations to recruit participants. We also develop and manage longitudinal panels to collect data from the same group of people over time.

RSG’s survey data is often blended with other data sources like Bluetooth detection; transponder data; systems and environmental data logging; and passive mobility “big-data” to efficiently create meaningful datasets and insights.

Related Projects

“In the Moment” Travel Study

RSG conducted a proof-of-concept study with a sophisticated location-aware mobile application and web service that captures all travel behavior and travel characteristics currently collected by traditional household travel diaries.

Regional Plan Evaluation Criteria and Performance Measures

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UPlan: Transportation Planning Portal Software

Along with key partners, RSG developed the first generation web-based UPlan software for the Utah Department of Transportation. The UPlan system was designed to facilitate information sharing within an agency, between agencies, and between other…

Colchester-Essex Network Transportation Study

In 2012, it was announced that the Circumferential (Circ) Highway would not be constructed as originally conceived to provide a limited access highway from I-89 in Williston to I-89 in Colchester. The Chittenden County Regional…

College Campus Master Plan

RSG, teamed with Beyer Blinder Belle and BFJ Planning, was engaged by Dartmouth College to provide transportation planning and engineering assistance in the development of a new campus Master Plan. RSG conducted an extensive parking…

Mountain View Corridor Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Western Salt Lake County and Utah County are anticipating enormous growth and projected local and regional transportation demand. To address these concerns, the Utah Department of Transportation looked to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS)…

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