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Blog posts supply careful consideration of industry trends and conditions.

5 Key Takeaways from the 2023 TRB Conference
Blog Post

5 Key Takeaways From the 2023 Transportation Research Board Conference

26 January 2023

Earlier this month, RSGers traveled to Washington, DC, for the 102nd Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting. Following the numerous disruptions that began in 2020, we were excited to gather at the 2023 TRB conference…

Q&A with RSG's Theodore Mansfield.
Blog Post

Q&A with Theodore Mansfield

06 December 2022

Walk around any downtown, and you will observe how the infrastructure has (or has not) encouraged people to choose travel modes other than the personal automobile. The operative word in the previous sentence is walk,…

Q&A with RSG's Jonelle Hanson.
Blog Post

Q&A with Jonelle Hanson

20 July 2022

Despite transportation planning’s ground-based past, Jonelle Hanson has set her sights higher. In her role as a director at RSG, she is helping to develop planning and policy application strategies for a not-so-distant future where…

White papers help clients make decisions through data and in-depth analysis of industry topics.

Strategies for Integrating Health Outcomes

into the Transportation Planning Process

The US Transportation system has a role to play in human health. Learn how agencies are developing new tools and methods to improve outcomes. Read more »


An Advanced Activity-Based Travel Demand Model Built by and for Users

Activity-based models can answer today’s complex transportation planning questions. But only ActivitySim offers access to a growing community of expert users—and so much more. Read more »

Three Considerations Around Drone Noise and Strategies for Mitigation

The path ahead for drones looks more promising than ever. But as drones take off, noise remains an unresolved issue despite research confirming the sound from their operations is uniquely annoying. Read more »

Forecasting Tools in a Time of Disruption and Uncertainty

Evaluating complex systems to forecast future conditions has never been simple, but disruptive technological changes and outside shocks to the system (like the COVID-19 pandemic) have further challenged practitioners. Strategic models can helpRead more »

Case studies demonstrate deep expertise and a commitment to solving complex problems.

Case Study

Cascadia Ultra-High-Speed Rail Feasibility Studies

Washington State Legislature's Joint Transportation Committee

In 2016, Governor Jay Inslee directed the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to consider an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system (UHSGT) to connect the Cascadia region’s primary metro areas, including Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. He…

Aerial shot of Burlington, Vermont on a hazy evening in early Fall, looking along streets of historic buildings, shaded by trees that are beginning to to turn red, yellow and orange. The Green Mountains can be seen in the distance.
Case Study

Sidewalk Upgrade Prioritization Tool

City of Burlington, Vermont

The City of Burlington, Vermont, has an extensive sidewalk system covering over 130 miles, with the age and physical condition of surfaces varying drastically across the network. While some areas are new, others are 60…

Case Study

Triangle Travel Survey

North Carolina State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education

Every two years since 2016, the North Carolina State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education (NCSU-ITRE) conducts the Triangle Travel Survey to collect current information about household and individual travel patterns throughout the greater…

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