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This image shows a protected bike lane on a city street in Chicago.

Do Protected Bike Lanes Make for Safer City Streets?

As a Chicago resident, I have followed with great interest the steps local leaders have taken to improve the safety of bicyclists in my...

The Value of Strategic Models

Equity, emissions, and EVs. These are just some of the types of issues facing transportation planners. Strategic models are increasingly what many turn to for answers.

Her Story: Voices of Women in STEM

We’re all about data at RSG. And the data regarding women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields indicates much work remains to...

Is There Biogenic Sound on Mars?

Launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on July 30, 2020, Perseverance touched down on the Martian surface on February 18, 2021....

The Pandemic’s Effects on Future Mobility

Large sectors of the economy and certain types of travel remain grounded nearly one year after the start of the pandemic. Vaccines offer hope,...

Dispatches from the First-Ever Quiet Drones e-Symposium

This has been a year of many firsts. Adding to the list is the first-ever Quiet Drones e-symposium, which occurred from October 19 to...

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Aerial view of crowd connected by lines


An Advanced Activity-Based Travel Demand Model Built by and for Users

Activity-based models can answer today’s complex transportation planning questions. But only ActivitySim offers access to a growing community of expert users—and so much more.
3d rendering delivery drone flying with cityscape background

Three Considerations Around Drone Noise and Strategies for Mitigation

The path ahead for drones looks more promising than ever. But as drones take off, noise remains an unresolved issue despite recent research confirming the sound from their operations is uniquely annoying. 

Forecasting Tools in a Time of Disruption and Uncertainty

Evaluating complex systems to forecast future conditions has never been simple, but disruptive technological changes and outside shocks to the system (like the COVID-19 pandemic) have further challenged practitioners. Strategic models can help 

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