While the coronavirus is upending global operations, we're helping our clients to address unprecedented challenges.

We're born from academic rigor and inspired by employee-ownership.

We deliver data-driven insights that combine scientific discipline with human curiosity and creativity.

Determining how people and systems will behave in future scenarios can be difficult, but we love a challenge.

Helping Our Clients Make Decisions

Our clients feel confident in their decisions because they are driven by robust data and actionable insights into current behavior and future scenarios.

Shaping the Future

We feel a responsibility to proactively make a positive and significant impact on our clients’ organizations and our global community.

Unmatched Research & Analytics

Our research and analytics are unmatched because we apply innovative approaches to understanding behaviors in a complex system which provide deeper and more responsive insights.


Travel Surveys in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19: With concerns over its spread, the landscape of travel behavior is being heavily impacted. To help, we are sharing some ideas for how agencies might integrate COVID-19 travel behavior changes into their ongoing and planned travel survey programs.  Learn more »

A Revolutionary and Collective Approach to Travel Demand Modeling

Sponsored by AMPO, RSG has authored ActivitySim, an open-sourced platform for activity-based travel modeling. ActivitySim illustrates how we can accomplish more through collaboration. Learn more »

Annual Report of Socioeconomic Research for the National Park Service

RSG conducted over 77 projects for US National Park Service (NPS) over the past 4 years. Our work helps the NPS with its dual mission to provide meaningful visitor experiences while preserving our natural and cultural resources for years to come. Learn more »

STOPS: A Requirement for FTA Project Evaluation

RSG developed STOPS, a simplified forecasting approach that streamlines the development of ridership forecasts that are a key element of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) project evaluation. Learn more »

Evaluating Demand for An Urban Air Taxi Service

RSG partnered with a major transportation network company to develop a mode choice model for a new air taxi service in two US pilot cities. Learn more »

News & Events


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RSG Sr. Director co-authors award-winning paper

01.12.2020 - 01.16.2020

RSG to lead presentations at 2020 TRB Annual Meeting

11.05.2019 - 11.07.2019

RSG Sr. Director and Consultant Present at Utah DOT Annual Conference

09.10.2019 - 09.11.2019

RSG Director Presents at 2019 ITE New York Upstate Section Annual Meeting

07.15.2019 - 07.18.2019

RSG Director and Analyst to Share How Demographics Will Influence Future AV Behavior at Automated Vehicles Symposium

06.12.2019 - 06.14.2019

RSG Consultant to Present at International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise