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We're leading an industry-first panel discussion
The webinar will discuss the value and practicalities of collecting data on LGBTQ+ populations as part of travel behavior data collection and modeling.

Helping our clients
make decisions

Our clients feel confident in their decisions because they are driven by robust data and actionable insights into current behavior and future scenarios.

Shaping the future
for the better

We feel a responsibility to proactively make a positive and significant impact on our clients’ organizations and our global community.

research & analytics

 We apply innovative approaches to understanding behaviors in a complex system, which provides deeper and more responsive insights.

Advancing transportation equity

We’re working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to inform how they can strengthen the role that equity has within the planning process. Learn more »

This image shows a person using a motorized wheelchair on a sidewalk.

An innovative & collective approach to modeling

Activity-based models can answer today’s complex transportation planning questions. But only ActivitySim offers access to a growing community of expert users—and so much more. Learn more »

COVID-19 has changed travel. Possibly forever. 

We're finding out how in our COVID-19 Transportation Insights Survey. It is powerful tool to quantify how people’s sentiments and choices change over the course of the pandemic.  Learn more »

News & Events


RSG to lead industry-first webinar on inclusive travel behavior data collection & modeling practices


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07.13.2021 - 07.15.2021

RSG Director to present at Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Noise and Vibration


RSG's offices reopen


ActivitySim consortium releases major updates to ActivitySim and PopulationSim

06.21.2021 - 06.24.2021

RSGers to lead sessions during 18th Transportation Research Board (TRB) Conference on Transportation Planning Applications (AppCon 2021)


RSG Consultant to present at Transport Chicago virtual conference


RSG President to present at Transportation Research Board (TRB) webinar