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Helping our clients
find solutions.
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Helping our clients
make decisions

Our clients feel confident in their decisions because they are driven by robust data and actionable insights into current behavior and future scenarios.

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Shaping the Future
for the Better

We feel a responsibility to proactively make a positive and significant impact on our clients’ organizations and our global community.

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Research & Analytics

 We apply innovative approaches to understanding behaviors in a complex system, which provides deeper and more responsive insights.

Blog_Q&A with Abigail Rosenson
Q&A with Abigail Rosenson

RSG’s Managing Consultant talks recurrent travel surveys, multimethod sampling, and the future of travel surveys.

ODOT Statewide Travel Survey
Smartphone-Based Statewide Household Travel Survey

Our team worked with the Ohio Department of Transportation to deploy a first-in-the-nation statewide smartphone-first household travel survey.

State Transportation Equity Framework
State Transportation Equity Framework

Our team worked to develop a Transportation Equity Framework for a state department of transportation looking to improve equitable outcomes.

Augmenting Travel Survey Data Using Big Data
Augmenting Travel Survey Data Using Big Data

Our team worked with the Florida Department of Transportation and regional planning organizations to combine travel survey data and big data.

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