Strategic Insights

Product & service development

RSG provides data-driven insight during all stages of the product and service development process, from concept evaluation to customer statisfaction, enabling our clients to make decisions with confidence. Our approach to product and service development unites the voice of the customer and the dynamics of the competitive marketplace with and engineering and design perspective. RSG’s unique set of innovative analytical capabilities and collaborative working relationships creates insights into not only how and why customers make choices between product/service offerings, but also opportunities to address unmet needs and deliver compelling value versus the competition.

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Airline Bundling and Tiered Pricing

A major commercial airline was looking to increase market share by offering tiered, bundled fares to complement its basic offering. By including ancillary features such as free checked baggage, lounge access, and priority boarding, the…

Credit Card Development

A leading credit card issuer wanted to optimize the messaging strategy for its value card portfolio by understanding the hierarchy of key features for the respective cards.

Global User Trials Research Program

RSG authored a fully-automated and large-scale software installation for a prominent mobile device manufacturer to manage a global user trials research program since 2003. RSG’s services also included project management, custom web application development, Android…

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Product Development for Targeting New Markets

RSG’s client had identified expanding its presence in international markets such as China, Russia and Brazil as a top strategic priority. Our client, however, lacked the insight into market needs and purchase drivers necessary to…

Product Development in a Mature Market

RSG helped to transform a product from a likely downsizing casualty into a profitable and successful line that has realized considerable market share gains.

Vehicle Design for Emerging Markets

A major auto manufacturer was looking to design a car that would be attractive in three emerging markets. More specifically, they wanted to know which car attributes (e.g., fuel economy, cargo space) and which features…