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Greg Mandelman joins RSG as Vice President

Greg Mandelman joins RSG as Vice President of Market Research and brings nearly 20 years of experience tackling complex social and analytical challenges around the world.

Throughout his career, Greg has been integral to the success of transformative projects, with a focus on conducting behavioral energy research and modeling transportation electrification trends. He has overseen a multimillion-dollar portfolio of behavioral energy research, led a team of statisticians and analysts at a major utility company, and designed an electric vehicle energy impact forecasting model for state regulators in California.

“I’m thrilled to join RSG,” said Greg. “RSG does what few firms can by pairing data collection with modeling and analysis to deliver exceptional client solutions. In addition to this, RSG’s focus on behavioral research means I can continue to help clients in the energy and vehicle electrification spaces while being part of a larger team that delivers unmatched research and analytics.”

Greg's experience leading behavioral research in the transportation and energy sectors will help RSG continue to deliver exceptional survey-based research services to our clients while expanding into new, high-growth markets.

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RSG Principal to lead revisions to international acoustics standard

Ken Kaliski, Principal at RSG, was appointed as Project Leader for the revision of ISO 1996-1 during the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/TC 43 “Acoustics” Plenary Meeting in Montreal, Canada, held from May 2 to May 6, 2023. The ISO 1996-1 is an international standard on acoustics, focusing on the description, measurement, and assessment of environmental noise.

In his new role, Ken's duties will include managing the ISO standard's content to create an updated international standard. This task will require collecting the most recent research for drafting the standard, fostering agreement among the global community, and facilitating several comment and response rounds. ISO delegates will then vote on the updated standard. Ken will supervise the process as Project Leader.

“I'm thrilled to take on the Project Leader role for the revision of ISO 1996-1, Acoustics — Description, measurement and assessment of environmental noise — Part 1: Basic quantities and assessment procedures,” Ken said. “I eagerly anticipate contributing to a global agreement to enhance the procedures that practitioners rely on. I'd like to extend my gratitude to the previous Project Leader, Stephen Keith, the US delegation for their nomination, and Douglas Manville, the Convenor of Working Group 45.”

RSG's noise control engineering service depends on national and international standards like ISO 1996-1. Ken's role as Project Leader will ensure these standards remain current and relevant. The final revised standard will contribute to enhancing our service quality and helping our projects earn acceptance from clients and regulators.

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ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting 2023

RSG Consultant Reid Haefer will present during the 2023 ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting on Friday, May 12, 2023.

Reid's presentation, titled “Data-Driven Sidewalk Repair Prioritization” will discuss our team's work with city officials in Burlington, Vermont, to develop an innovative data collection technology and a custom, interactive data tool in Shiny. The presentation will describe how the tool helped city planners prioritize repairs by efficiently allocating repair budgets based on sidewalks' conditions, proximity to other poor-condition sidewalks, nearby land uses, and equity considerations.

Reid gave a similar presentation on this topic during ShinyConf2023 in March 2023.

Who? Reid Haefer, Consultant (RSG)

What? Case study presentation, titled “Data-Driven Sidewalk Repair Prioritization” during the 2023 ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting

Where and When? Reid is delivering his presentation on Friday, May 12 during Session 6A: Improving Accessibility, Safety, and Sidewalks for All. This session runs from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. ET.

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Several RSGers will present on noise control engineering topics during the NOISE-CON 2023 Conference from May 15-18, 2023, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Emma Butterfield's presentation, “Construction Noise Modeling for Solar Projects,” will explore the challenges of modeling construction noise for large solar projects and discuss various scenarios for worst-case predictions.

Ken Kaliski and co-author Hugo Rost will present “Background Sound Levels in Rural Areas of the US,” which will provide a collection of ambient sound level data for over 150 rural locations in the northeastern and midwestern United States, supplementing existing standards.

Dana Lodico's presentation, “Noise Modeling of Short Safety Barriers in FHWA's Updated Traffic Noise Model (TNM) Version 3.1,” will compare modeling methods for calculating the performance of short safety barriers in reducing traffic noise using the newest FHWA TNM version.


Ken Kaliski, PE, QEP, INCE Bd. Cert., Principal (RSG); Dana Lodico, PE, INCE Bd. Cert., Senior Director (RSG); Emma Butterfield, Senior Analyst (RSG); Hugo Rost, Analyst (RSG)


Presentations during the NOISE-CON 2023 Conference

Where and When?

The presentations will be given in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Emma Butterfield presents on May 15 from 4:00 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.

Ken Kaliski and Hugo Rost present on May 16 from 10:30 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.

Dana Lodico presents on May 16 from 2:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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184th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

RSG Principal Ken Kaliski, PE, QEP, INCE Bd. Cert. will present during the 184th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

Ken's presentation, titled “Challenges in Post-Construction Sound Monitoring for Rural Wind Projects,” will discuss the unique challenges faced during post-construction sound monitoring for rural wind projects. The presentation will cover various issues such as safety, wildlife, harsh weather conditions, access to remote sites, difficult protocols, and noise contamination, and how these issues arise in the context of several recent post-construction sound monitoring campaigns. The advantages and disadvantages of the wind turbine shutdown method will be compared with other methods that don’t require wind turbine shutdowns, such as measuring under high wind shear conditions (low ground wind speeds and high hub-height wind speeds), proxy locations, and wind speed binning.

Who? Ken Kaliski, Principal (RSG)

What? Presentation titled “Challenges in Post-Construction Sound Monitoring for Rural Wind Projects” during the 184th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Where and When? Ken is delivering his presentation on Tuesday, May 9 at 8:45 a.m. ET (7:45 a.m. CT).

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2023 New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Conference

RSG Director Jon Slason will present during the 2023 New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Conference on Tuesday, May 9, and Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Jon's first presentation, titled “VisionEval – Open Source Strategic Transportation Planning Tool for Long-Range Planning,” will discuss how strategic modeling tools can be employed to understand multiple scenarios as part of the long-range planning process. RSG was part of the original team that designed and implemented VisionEval, and we have since assisted in its implementation across the United States.

Jon's second presentation, presented on behalf of RSG Director Kyeongsu Kim and titled “Online Model Input/Output Analyzer for Visualization,” will discuss an online tool RSG developed to visualize model input and output data, such as socioeconomic (land-use) data and highway network link files. The tool, called Analyzer, provides at-a-glance views of model input data in maps, tables, and charts, making it similar to other visualization tools. The tool also allows users to review and edit scenario input files, including highway and transit network link attributes.

RSG is a proud Copper-level sponsor of the 2023 New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Conference.

Who? Jon Slason, Director (RSG)

What? Two presentations, titled “VisionEval – Open Source Strategic Transportation Planning Tool for Long-Range Planning” and “Online Model Input/Output Analyzer for Visualization,” during the 2023 NYSAMPO Conference

Where and When? Jon is delivering his two presentations on Tuesday, May 9 at 9:30 a.m. ET and Wednesday, May 10 at 1:45 p.m. ET.

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A Data-Informed Modeling Approach in Fort Wayne, Indiana

RSG Consultant Robert Wertman, AICP, PTP, will present during the Tennessee Model Users Group (TNMUG) meeting on April 21, 2023, in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Robert's presentation, titled “A Data-Informed Modeling Approach in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” will discuss our team's experience working with Convergence Planning to develop a trip-based travel demand model for the Northeast Regional Coordinating Council (the metropolitan planning organization for Fort Wayne, Indiana) that uses trip-based aggregate modeling methods fused with passively collected data that results in a data-driven incremental forecast method.

The TNMUG was established in 2004 to improve modeling and forecasting capabilities within the state through the exchange of information about travel demand modeling and forecasting.

Who? Robert Wertman, AICP, PTP, Consultant (RSG)

What? Presentation, titled “A Data-Informed Modeling Approach in Fort Wayne, Indiana,” during the 2023 TNMUG meeting

Where and When? Robert is delivering his presentation in person on Friday, April 21 at 3:15 p.m. ET (2:15 p.m. CT)

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RSG experts’ paper on larger wind turbines’ sound levels focus of webinar

RSG's Ken Kaliski (Principal) and Ryan Haac (Consultant) co-wrote a paper with experts from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc., titled “Effects of land-based wind turbine upsizing on community sound levels and power and energy density,” on wind turbine upsizing's impact on community sound and power output levels, published in the journal Applied Energy. Their paper will be the subject of a webinar on April 13, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT).

The team studied larger turbines' effects on micro-siting, power, energy density, and noise. They used desktop software to model larger turbines on two wind development sites and three turbine models representing past, present, and future periods for three manufacturers. The study aimed to maximize the number of turbines and total power output within each site's constraints.

The findings suggest that future larger turbines will lead to fewer turbines per land unit and lower community sound levels, but with increased capacity and energy output.

Key results include:

  • Future turbines are over 60% taller, with 60% fewer turbines fitting in the same land area.
  • Despite fewer turbines, future turbine-based projects have higher capacities and higher annual energy output per land area.
  • Community sound levels at homes will be significantly lower, despite louder turbines.
  • Lower sound levels affect homes near projects and those close to turbines on hosting parcels.
  • Wider adoption of taller, high-capacity turbines will likely yield numerous benefits in the future.
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Kevin Johnson joins RSG as Director

Kevin Johnson joins RSG as a Director and brings over 17 years of experience managing large multimodal transportation planning projects.

Kevin has worked primarily on big data and travel modeling projects, integrating big data into the model validation process to improve the accuracy of forecasts.

“Solving complex problems for clients through innovative travel behavior modeling has been at the core of my professional work to date,” said Kevin. “I’m excited to continue my career at RSG where I hope to contribute to work advancing the state of the practice of model development and application.”

Kevin's experience delivering models and datasets that improve project outcomes will help RSG continue to deliver client-focused solutions in the travel model development and passive mobility data analytics spaces.

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Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference 2023

RSG is proud to host an exhibit during the Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference 2023 (“Siting 2023”) from March 28 to March 29. Our acousticians will be on hand to answer questions from attendees about our noise control engineering solutions, particularly in the renewable energy space.

Since 1986, RSG has partnered with public utilities, environmental groups, independent power producers, and governments to deliver detailed analyses of their energy issues, challenges, and opportunities. We understand the challenges energy innovators face and apply our industry knowledge and advanced analytical techniques to develop future-focused noise control engineering solutions.

Siting 2023 gathers industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to address crucial siting, permitting, community engagement & environmental compliance topics. This year's conference will convene in Greater Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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