Getting pricing right is the key to optimizing both resources and revenues. RSG helps clients maximize their strategic pricing, whether it be by maximizing market share, revenues, or equity for those using the service. We provide insight into a range of pricing issues, including segmenting and targeting based on price sensitivity and sociodemographics, establishing price parameters for a new product concept, and developing sophisticated market simulation models that estimate demand and revenues across different price points. Our pricing work is also conducted frequently for projects in the public sector, where optimizing on things like equitable pricing for all demographic segments is critical in addition to market demand and revenues.

Just as customers typically make purchase decisions by considering more than just price, our approaches emphasize the importance of analyzing price within the context of other influential product and service features and pricing parameters (e.g., reliability and travel time for a public transit option). This comprehensive approach is more sensitive to the overall purchase decision. As a result, our pricing models are more accurate, responsive, and our insights create a clearer path to achieving strategic goals.

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