Portfolio Pricing, Assortment, and Innovation Optimization

A leading national packaged goods manufacturer

A packaged goods manufacturer owned a portfolio that had grown to 30+ items across four segments. The portfolio was a key growth driver for the manufacturer, with plans to expand the line in the future. However, new competitors were expected to enter the category, and cost of goods had seen recent increases. The manufacturer sought to identify the optimal portfolio assortment and pricing strategies to maximize consumer appeal, sales, and profitability. The manufacturer also needed to develop a story for its trade partners to maximize buy-in for its portfolio, given the risks behind a price increase and future competitive entry.

RSG interviewed consumers through a photo-realistic simulated shelf exercise, identifying what products they would purchase under different scenarios varying product availability, pricing, shelving, and other components of the at-the-shelf experience. Through advanced analytics, RSG helped the client create an optimized product line combining existing and new varieties, pricing scenarios, and multiple product facings in the face of future competitive launches. The results compelled the manufacturer to halt rebranding efforts given likely volume loss, and leveraged demographic insights to validate launch planning. The analysis also validated optimized planograms for key retailers that helped the client in their pricing and assortment negotiations with their trade partners.

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