Open source means better tools. Better tools means greater impact.

By making tools open source, we allow anyone to use, learn from, and enhance them. These tools are always growing and improving, allowing anyone to use them to create solutions built on best practices. We, as a community, can then use our collective knowledge to create something that is so much more than ourselves.

We're better together.

We believe that the best way to shape a successful future is through collaboration. So, with several of our clients, we are building open source tools for the modeling and planning community. Take a spin through some of our latest open source projects below.

A platform for activity-based travel modeling
An interactive travel and activity data visualization toolkit
A common framework for strategic planning models
An activity-based
travel demand microsimulation model
A platform for population synthesis and survey weighting
Hierarchical Bayesian model estimation in R
Long distance passenger travel demand model
Benefit-cost analysis of activity-based or trip-based travel model scenarios