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Noise control engineering

Noise is all around us. A growing and industrializing global population means our world is louder than ever. The result? Quality listening environments and quiet spaces are becoming more difficult to find and create without thoughtful, well-planned developments, policy, and programs.

An increase in noise brings with it concerns about its environmental and health impacts. This is where we come in. Our noise control engineering and acoustical consulting services help clients research and evaluate noise impacts and develop sensible mitigation/optimization plans. Using advanced monitoring systems and following applicable standards, we can quantify sound levels in all environments. With noise data and advanced modeling methods, we can estimate how sound will propagate from proposed projects and then use that to project potential noise impacts.

We work with both public and private-sector clients and are unique among acoustical consultants in our ability to integrate relevant capabilities outside of traditional acoustical analyses. These include advanced statistical approaches, digital communication tools, survey research, and analytical modeling. We have expertise in noise related to wind power, power transmission, energy storage, solar power generation, drones (UASs), transportation, industrial, institutional, and architectural acoustics. Our portfolio of research for federal and state governments sets us apart as leading industry experts in sound from renewable energy and transportation.

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