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Travel model development

Accurate transportation models are essential for providing useful insights into the demand for infrastructure and the effects of transportation policies, investments, and trends.

For over 30 years, RSG has been a pioneer in advancing transportation demand modeling techniques. We understand the unique needs of each region and select the appropriate technique, which can include strategic models, 4-step models, or activity-based models. We are the lead developers of two activity-based modeling frameworks, DaySim and ActivitySim, and have implemented CT-RAMP in a number of regions. We are leaders in the use of passive data for model development, calibration, and validation. Much of our recent work has focused on exploring the mobility impacts of transportation network companies (TNCs), autonomous vehicles (AVs), and other emerging technologies.

We are also active in federal research related to activity-based modeling, including:

  • leading the TMIP webinar series on activity-based models
  • leading federal research on incorporation of autonomous vehicles in travel models
  • participating in the NCHRP 8-78 study on activity modeling for pedestrian and bicycle travel

Our models produce realistic, defensible forecasts of traffic, ridership, trucks, and bicycles that guide critical long-range infrastructure investments and planning efforts.

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