More than analysts, engineers, and technicians, we're collaborators, innovators, and communicators.

We apply unmatched research and analytics to inform our clients’ strategy and planning, helping organizations make critical decisions with confidence.

Since our founding in 1986, we have brought cutting-edge research to industry practices and instilled a culture of academic discipline and collaboration. Born in academia, we have infused the intellectual rigor and scholarship of our three founders -- all distinguished Dartmouth College professors -- into the real-world challenges of our diverse clientele.

We specialize in designing, implementing, and applying sophisticated data-driven models with in-depth analytics to help our clients understand why people and systems do what they do. We understand that advanced scientific techniques are valueless if not placed in an industry context and then tailored to the decisions at hand and effectively communicated.

We've spent three decades helping organizations address challenges across the globe while fostering a great work environment.


We take pride in our work.

Our clients work with us time after time because of our skilled applications of advanced, imaginative, and customized techniques. Our team is committed to each project and to each of our client relationships.

We are driven by intellectual engagement and respect for our colleagues and clients. Each employee actually owns shares in the company and works hard to make RSG successful. We genuinely enjoy our work and take pride in consistently delivering innovative results with detailed recommendations that have a real and important impact on our clients’ decisions and success.