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Freight modeling

RSG’s freight models support agencies as they work to address the challenges associated with forecasting and integrating freight movement with transportation systems and project planning.  

These models simulate the shipments of goods from buyers to suppliers and identify the type of distribution channel each shipment will likely use based on the complexity of the supply chain. RSG’s innovative methods are sensitive to pick-up and delivery systems of goods in metropolitan areas, and to trade-offs that suppliers make in determining the modes used to transport goods and any transfer facilities necessary along the way 

At the national scale, RSG has pioneered methods for supply chain and tour-based freight models with firm and establishment synthesis, carrier choice, and backhaul and consolidation models.  

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RSG is developing an innovative national-level freight-demand modeling tool to improve current methods for evaluating national freight policy alternatives and their impacts.

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Model Improvement Program – Freight Forecasting

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Strategic Goods Movement Network Plan

The fast-growing Region of Peel, Ontario, which includes some of the highest volume freeway segments in North America, sought to identify a strategic network of goods movement routes to support its logistics-based economy. The Region’s…

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