Strategic Insights

Strategic transportation planning

In the past several years, we have seen huge changes in the way people and goods move around. Think about how ride-sharing, car-sharing, and free shipping have impacted today’s mobility landscapeAnd the innovations will keep coming – connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and drones. While these innovations present great opportunities, it is challenging to make strategic decisions when the future behavior and infrastructure could play out in many ways. 

The old ways of transportation planning are not well aligned with this evolving mobility landscape so at RSG we are adapting transportation planning approaches to be effective in the current and future environment. We understand individuals’ travel behavior today by assessing customer choices and build simulations of how people will behave in future scenarios. We consider the system-wide implications of these changes—including everything from goods movement, parking, transit usage, and traffic patterns to profitable products and services to the policy that regulates this complex system and market. 

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