Industry-disrupting mobility innovations like connected and autonomous vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, ride-sourcing platforms, and micromobility are transforming how and where people move. While the 2010s were defined by the introduction and deployment of these technologies, the 2020s will be defined by how government and decision-makers leverage them in the face of unprecedented uncertainty 

Traditional planning approaches are no longer enough. Agencies need new tools and methods to not only navigate the known issues around climate change, population dynamics, and macro-economic shifts but the compounding effects of these mobility innovations.

At RSG, we partner with our clients to adapt their transportation planning approaches to ensure they remain both effective and relevant. Using robust survey techniques and advanced modeling methods, we help them identify the highest return on their investments. Our clients can then understand which policies to pursue, where they should invest, and how they can structure those investments to address equity and mobility concerns in the years to come. 

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