Smartphones and modern vehicles collect vast amounts of data, offering valuable insights into travel patterns, mobility behaviors, and individual perceptions. Passively collected data, often called big data, can significantly improve travel forecasts. However, organizations must effectively leverage, select, and integrate these new mobility data types with existing sources to maximize their utility.

What lies ahead? A “constellation” of data sources.

RSG is dedicated to helping users of mobility data comprehend the information driving their decisions while navigating a complex landscape characterized by a “constellation” of data sources. We guide clients in leveraging diverse data types to understand behaviors, minimizing associated guesswork. By partnering with clients, we can set to work to understand their data requirements, available data types, and how these sources can be employed to achieve their objectives in a defensible, straightforward, and cost-effective way.

RSG’s Comprehensive Mobility Data Analytics Services

RSG’s mobility data analytics service supports clients seeking to make well-informed decisions with confidence. We recognize the potential of mobility data to yield valuable insights when combined with other data sources. As end users of these data, we understand their inherent strengths and limitations. Our expertise, built on decades of experience working with various data types, enables us to provide our clients with industry-leading insights and analytics in surveys, market research, and model development.

Tailored Mobility Data Analytics Solutions

Transportation planning agencies increasingly rely on mobility data for gathering information on travel patterns and behaviors. Our service combines data from multiple sources, including big data and survey data, to deliver deeper behavioral insights that go beyond short-term policy or planning concerns.

In every engagement, our expert team collaborates closely with clients to ensure selected data meet quality and representativeness standards for achieving mutually agreed upon goals. We also advise clients on data privacy practices and regulations, ensuring responsible, secure sourcing that adheres to all applicable laws.

Our mobility data analytics work includes visualizations and dashboards that intuitively convey travel patterns and behavior, helping clients comprehend and communicate our findings. Additionally, we provide customizable services and deliverables tailored to clients’ unique needs and chosen data sources.

Let RSG Guide Your Data Journey

RSG’s mobility data analytics, travel model development, and survey-based research services equip organizations with unparalleled insights into behaviors, enabling them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Our team of experts can assist you in selecting optimal data solutions and sources tailored to your needs. We collaborate with you to maximize existing data, identify necessary data, and integrate diverse datasets to fill in gaps, all while delivering actionable insights.

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