Joel Freedman


Joel Freedman is a nationally recognized leader in the development and application of advanced travel demand forecasting models. With 20 years of consulting experience, he offers client services in all aspects of travel demand modeling: travel survey design, model estimation, software implementation, validation, and application.

Joel’s model development experience includes the development of activity-based travel demand models for some of the largest and most complex metropolitan regions in the United States and large-scale integrated models of land-use and transportation for state departments of transportation. He has also provided travel forecasting support on numerous successful transit New Starts projects and has been involved in a number of toll and revenue forecasts for public sector clients. Complimenting his modeling work, Joel is a skilled programmer with expertise in FORTRAN, C++, and Java.

In addition to project work, Joel enjoys teaching and has served as adjunct faculty to Portland State University School of Urban Affairs and Department of Civil Engineering, and is a certified instructor for the National Highway Institute.

Joel lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two sons. He enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, and skiing, and practices woodworking on the rare occasions the Pacific Northwest rain keeps him indoors.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Portland State University

BA, Political Science, State University of New York at New Paltz

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