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Chicago R Users Group August Meeting

Chase Carpenter, a Senior Consultant at RSG’s Chicago office, will be presenting an Introduction to Producing Beautiful Graphics in R with ggplot2 at the Chicago R Users Group August Meeting. The statistical computing language R is known for its’ visualization capabilities. The ggplot2 package, developed by Hadley Wickham, is one of the most flexible and powerful plotting packages available in R. In this presentation, Chase will provide practical and hands on advice for how to build beautiful graphics with ggplot2.

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Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting and Exhibit

RSG’s Shadde Rosenblum will be attending the 2013 ITE Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. This event will include a mix of presentation formats including hands-on practical application workshops and sessions that will focus on state-of-the practice, advancement of the profession, and emerging issues designed to benefit transportation professionals.

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RSG Senior Director to Teach MBA Class at the University of Washington, Bothell

RSG Senior Director Nelson Whipple will be teaching a class on New Product Development designed for MBA students at the University of Washington, Bothell. This class will be based off a chapter in The PDMA Toolbook 3, Applying Trade-off Analysis to Get The Most From Customer Needs. The goal for this class for the students to try Max Diff analysis themselves in new product projects required for the course.

Agricultural Transportation Summit

Senior Consultant Steve Gayle will be attending, “A Modern Infrastructure for a Modern Agriculture,” as part of the inaugural Agricultural Transportation Summit hosted by the National Grain and Feed Association and the Soy Transportation Coalition. The goals of this summit are (1) to raise awareness of the importance of transportation to the success and profitability of U.S. agriculture; (2) to precipitate and motivate further action to promote a transportation infrastructure that better serves the needs of agriculture; and (3) to build connections between government and agricultural interest to better promote transportation issues.

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RSG Consultant to Attend MIT Professional Education Short Program

RSG Consultant Nikhil Sikka is attending Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks, a week long course part of MIT’s professional education short programs. This week long course will cover world’s most sophisticated transportation network and demand models, dynamic traffic assignment models, activity-based models, and related analytical techniques necessary in the planning, design, and operations of transportation systems. The course is sponsored by the Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and will be taught by world’s leading experts in the field including, Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT), Haris Koutsopoulos (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Hani Mahmassani (Northwestern University), Ennio Cascetta (University of Naples/Ministry of Transport – Regione Campania, Italy), and/or Pierluigi Coppola (University of Rome).

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Summer Meeting of the TRB Freight, Marine, and Planning Committees

RSG Senior Director Peter Plumeau is headed to Washington, D.C to participate in the summer meeting of the TRB Freight, Marine, and Planning Committees. This conference will blend the traditional mid-year business meetings of standing committees with plenary and focus sessions addressing topics with implications for multimodal freight planning, goods movement and freight system resiliency. The conference will open with a plenary session conveying the challenges faced by public sector agencies at all levels (Federal, State, MPO, and Corridor-level organizations) in facilitating and implementing the freight provisions of the latest surface transportation authorization law known as MAP-21.

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RSG Senior Consultant to Present at International Choice Modelling Conference

RSG’s Jeffery Dumont will be presenting, “The Use of the Multiple Discrete Continuous Extreme Value Modeling Framework when the Budget is Latent: Two Consumer Package Good Examples” at the International Choice Modelling Conference in Sydney, Australia.

FHWA Peer to Peer Exchange on the Impacts of Fracking on State and Local Roads

RSG’s Steven Gayle will be attending a Federal Highway Administration peer exchange on the impact of fracking on state and local roads. There has been a great deal of interest in the how heavy vehicles related to natural gas drilling and hydro-fracking impact roads, and what state and local governments are doing in response. This event brings experts from North Dakota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Kentucky Model Users Group Meeting

Senior Consultant Vince Bernardin will be attending this overview of the Evansville, Indiana MPO’s hybrid tour-based model, including motivation for the approach, introduction to the hybrid architecture and select results.

Meeting State and MPO Information Needs in a Constrained Fiscal Environment: Joint Midyear Meeting for TRB and AASHTO Committees

RSG Senior Director, Peter Plumeau will be attending this joint midyear meeting for TRB and AASHTO Committees in Washington, D.C. This conference is unique in that it will blend the traditional midyear business meetings of more than a dozen standing committees with a focus addressing the transportation challenge of doing more – and better – with less.

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RSG Analysts to Attend 2013 Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum

RSG analysts Jeff Keller and Pratt Hetrakul will be attending the Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum in Chicago, Illinois. The ART Forum offers a one-of-a-kind environment in which research practitioners, industry clients and academics come together to share ideas and learn about state-of-the-art quantitative methods for strategic and tactical marketing decisions. Topics range from new developments in established methodologies (e.g., choice modeling and conjoint analysis) to new online data sources and methodologies.

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The New England Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers

RSG Senior Engineer Dave Saladino will be attending the annual Joint Maine/New Hampshire ITE Meeting in Wells, Maine. Prof. Peter Furth, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Northeastern University, will be presenting information on bicycle & pedestrian facility design for all users, as well as transit priority.

ITE Northeastern District Annual Meeting

RSG’s Stephen Gayle will be presenting “Complete Streets Implementation” which will share a Complete Streets Fact Sheet which RSG prepared in response to New York State’s Complete Streets law that has been in effect for more than a year. The Fact Sheet was developed for the NYS Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations in 2012, under our Staff Services contract. The purpose of the Fact Sheet is to provide the MPOs a tool to use in explaining to their local government members and potentially the public the concept of Complete Streets and the implementation requirements under the law. This presentation will review the specifics of the New York law, and evidence of complete streets implementation a year after it has been in effect.

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RSG’s Tom Adler to Speak at MIT’s Distinguished Speaker Series

RSG President and co-founder, Thomas Adler will be presenting “Transportation Research in the Green Mountain State: A Sampler” today as part of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics Distinguished Speaker Series. Tom’s presentation will touch upon quantifying forecast risks from complex travel demand models and an intercity bus/rail trip planner.

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TRB National Transportation Planning Applications Conference

RSG consultants are slated to present 26 sessions over the five-day TRB conference kicking off on May 5th in Columbus, OH. Presenters are excited to share current RSG work and learn from others to advance transportation planning techniques and methods.

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