Johanna Zmud, PhD


Johanna Zmud is an internationally recognized expert in transportation technology and emerging mobility. She is an innovator at bridging transportation research, data, technology, and policy. Johanna leads domestic and international research and analysis studies in transportation policy and planning. Her recent work has examined public acceptance and socioeconomic impacts of connected and automated vehicles, sociodemographic trends, future travel behavior analysis, and the impacts of technology on society. Moreover, Johanna has researched the effects of transformational technologies on underserved populations, developed new performance measures for on-demand mobility services, and independently evaluated national connected vehicle pilot demonstrations.

Johanna has been a respected leader in the transportation field for decades. Before joining RSG, she cofounded NuStats, which became the largest producer of data on urban travel behavior. She also cofounded GeoStats, which developed technology solutions for the real-time measurement of personal and vehicle movements. In 2010, Johanna joined the RAND Corporation, where she served as Director of RAND’s Transportation, Space, and Technology program. In 2014, she joined the leadership team at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, where she directed the multimodal planning division.

Johanna is an avid reader and has been since childhood—typically reading a book a week. She enjoys long-distance walking, and her experiences have included the Inca Trail and the Camino de Santiago. She enjoys cooking and entertaining along with her husband, Carlos. Travel is a keen interest as she appreciates experiencing new cultures and cuisines. She currently resides part-time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

PhD, Quantitative Methods & Sociology of Technology, University of Southern California

MA, Communication Management & Policy, University of South Carolina

MS, Educational Statistics, University of Maryland

BS, German & Spanish, East Carolina University

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