Stephen Lawe

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Lawe leads RSG’s strategic planning and implementation and is responsible for overall management of the company, its financial stability, and growth. Stephen has worked at RSG since 1988 and has professional experience in almost all areas of the business. His expertise in the analysis and development of public policy has been nationally recognized, and he is credited with the development of innovative tools and methodologies used by Fortune 500 companies in the formulation of their marketing strategies. He continues to serve as a technical advisor on select projects and leads research to understand the future challenges facing RSG's clients.

In addition to his work with RSG, Stephen was an assistant professor at Vermont Law School and continues to advance national research in public policy management, resource modeling, and private sector strategy development.

He enjoys spending time in the wilderness and engaging in numerous sports including skiing, hockey, hiking, and biking. Stephen shares his love for sports with his children by coaching their hockey and soccer teams and generally instilling a love of the outdoors.

MSEL, Environmental Law, Vermont Law School
MA, Systems Thinking and Resource Policy Management, Dartmouth College
BA, Political Science and Philosophy, St. Lawrence University

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