Dana M. Lodico, PE, INCE Bd. Cert.

Market Leader

Dana Lodico is an acoustics expert, specializing in identifying creative solutions to acoustics problems. With expertise ranging from noise mitigation in schools to energy generation to transportation, her focus is on identifying and utilizing the appropriate measurement, modeling, and analysis techniques to deliver high-quality solutions that meet clients’ needs and budgets. She manages projects in all aspects of acoustics and is particularly active in work around transportation noise, renewable energy systems, and community planning. She is the Director at Large for the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE) and Vice President of Conferences for the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA (INCE-USA). She is also the former Vice President of Awards and Honors and Director of INCE-USA.

Dana has more than two decades of experience including acoustical consulting, civil engineering, and acoustical research. She conducts acoustical studies for a wide range of land uses, including transportation, architectural, commercial, energy-generation, industrial, institutional, land-use planning, recreation, and residential projects. Research investigations have included innovative noise barriers, quiet pavement evaluations, meteorological effects on traffic noise, noise model validation, truck noise source localization using acoustic beam forming, thermo-acoustic refrigeration design, and classroom acoustics. She is particularly interested in applying lower-cost strategies to improve people’s everyday noise environments.

Outside of RSG, Dana delights in the outdoors and is an avid runner and downhill skier. She also enjoys cooking, reading, spending time with her family, and playing piano. Dana lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband, two kids, dog, and cat.

MS, Building Science, Architectural Acoustics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

BS, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder

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