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01.10.2019 - 01.11.2019

2019 Vermont Economic Conference

RSG Director Jonathan Slason is presenting this week at the Vermont Economic Conference. The event, sponsored by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, will take place today in Burlington (VT) and tomorrow in Castleton (VT).

Jonathan’s presentation will cover Vermont demographic trends and their implications on housing demand. He will also summarize local and national survey work and how it relates to where people prefer to locate and discuss how those decisions then affect transportation, land use, and affordability.

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NCHRP Publishes RSG Co-Authored Report on Updating Regional Planning and Modeling Tools to Address Impacts of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Have you thought about how you’ll get to work (or home? or the grocery store?) over the next two decades? Under requirements for long-range transportation planning, state departments of transportation and regional metropolitan planning organizations are required to have a multimodal transportation plan with a minimum time horizon of 20 years. Because manufacturers and shared fleet operators suggest that CAVs will be present on the highway system in significant numbers well before 2038, the planning community will require procedures and methods to address the potential positive and negative direct and indirect outcomes from their deployment.

In response to this, TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) recently published Research Report 896: Updating Regional Transportation Planning and Modeling Tools to Address Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles, co-authored by RSG. Volume 1 of the report summarizes guidelines to help agencies update their modeling and forecasting tools to address expected impacts of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) on transportation supply, road capacity, and travel demand components. Volume 2 explores ways to develop new planning and modeling processes that include CAVs in the transportation environment.

Find more, including a presentation that can be adapted for presentations to agency decision makers, here.

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RSG Senior Director Published on TransitCenter

Is transit dying? While transit agencies once celebrated that millennials were unusually predisposed to use transit and live in urban areas served by transit, today we find that the demographic boost is largely over. The TransitCenter recently published “Growing Up and Away from Transit,” co-authored by RSG’s Greg Spitz. The article explores this shift, what it may mean for the future of transit, and what transit agencies will need to do to keep up.

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2018 Vermont Development Conference

RSG Director Jon Slason presented last week at the Vermont Development Conference in Burlington, VT. His presentation, “Demographics and Housing: Envisioning the Future of Vermont Living,” was alongside Betsy Bishop of the Vermont Futures Project. Their interactive session shared details on the rapidly changing dynamics of housing in Vermont and hosted a discussion on how to address these challenges.

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RSG Authors National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report on How Sound Barriers Reflect Noise

Noise barriers do not just block noise, but can also generally change the way noise is experienced around them. To further explore this issue, the Transportation Research Board (TRB)’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) recently published the RSG-coauthored report Field Evaluation of Reflected Noise from a Single Noise Barrier, which analyzes the characteristics of sound reflected from a noise barrier to the opposite side of a highway. Residents living opposite newly added single noise barriers sometimes complain about increased traffic noise. Currently available analytical tools are limited in their ability to evaluate this reflected noise and some of the subtle changes in the quality of sound that can occur when it is reflected. Therefore, it is a challenge to determine conclusively if complaints about reflected noise are the result of actual or perceived changes in noise characteristics, and to identify locations where absorptive surface treatments could be beneficial.

The study compares reflected noise from sound barriers with different surfaces and examines both the levels, frequencies, and quality of reflected noise to better understand how it is experienced by communities. The report is accompanied by several appendices, a tool, and a guide. Learn more and check them out at:


RSG Director Shares Experience with New Assisted Driving Technology

While car manufacturers once touted their acceleration and high performance, now, it’s the included safety features that garner the most attention. RSG Director Jonathan Slason shares his recent experience with new assisted driving technology in his article “A Plea for Drivers to Slow Down… Assisted by In-Vehicle Technology.”

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Acadia National Park Science Symposium

On Saturday, RSG’s Abbie Larkin presented at the Acadia National Park Science Symposium at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. The presentation, which was part of the session on using science to preserve resources and protect visitor experience, described RSG's work constructing models to inform transportation planning and visitor use management at Acadia National Park.

The symposium was designed to provide a forum to hear about science taking place in the region and to interact and build collaborations with scientists, students, park staff, and others working in a range of fields.

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2018 ITE New York Upstate Section Annual Meeting

RSG Director Steven Gayle presented earlier this week at the ITE New York Upstate Section Annual Meeting in Scotia, NY. His presentation was titled “Planning for Future Mobility.” RSG is proud to have been a silver sponsor of the event.

09.24.2018 - 09.28.2018

2018 Annual Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) Conference

RSG Director Steven Gayle to present this week at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. His presentation is titled “Planning for Future Mobility in a Performance-Based World.” It will share RSG’s synthesis of future mobility research (autonomous, connected, electrified, shared) in an MPO context, including relating it to the new ‘transportation system performance’ planning requirement for MPOs and state departments of transportation (DOTs).

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RSG to Lead Webinar on Meteorological Effects on Roadway Noise

Did you know that meteorology can affect the sound adjacent to highways? RSG will be leading a Transportation Research Board (TRB) webinar on September 25 titled, “Meteorological Effects on Roadway Noise.” Presenters will describe the quantitative research and public outreach materials that state highway agencies can use to screen for meteorological influences and explain the effects to the public. Presenting alongside RSG's Ken Kaliski will be Roger Wayson of AECOM, Darlene Reiter of Bowlby and Associates, and Erik Salomons of TNO. It will be moderated by Aaron Hastings of Volpe Center.

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