01.09.2022 - 01.13.2022

2022 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting

We're excited to safely gather at the 2022 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting this month.

Many of the workshops and sessions this year will focus on the equity, resiliency, sustainability, and safety of the transportation system. RSGers are presenting individual posters and lectures on several related topics, including big data, COVID-19 travel changes, airport choice modeling, rail demand, and traffic noise modeling.

RSG is proud to be a Bronze Patron of the 101st TRB Annual Meeting, which attracts thousands of transportation professionals. Its sessions cover all transportation modes and inspire thought-provoking industry dialogue and change.

RSGers attending the Annual Meeting are following TRB's COVID Health and Safety Procedures, outlined here. A complete Annual Meeting program is available on TRB's website.

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