Jim Brogan, PMP

Vice President of Strategic Client Development

Jim Brogan leads the development and implementation of new market and business development strategies in both new and established transportation and mobility markets. He has over 25 years of experience in multimodal planning, operations, strategic planning, transit planning, and investment support at the national, state, and local levels, and has helped state DOTs, MPOs, ports, railroads, transit agencies, and regional coalitions across the country more effectively identify and address multimodal issues within their planning and investment activities. He has led or supported long-range transportation and strategic plans in more than a dozen states. In addition, Jim has developed transportation plans, programs, and policies for some of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, supported the planning activities of the country’s largest multistate coalitions, and led groundbreaking research for the National Cooperative Highway and Freight Research Programs.

Before joining RSG, Jim led the Integrated Planning and Policy practice for Cambridge Systematics, where he oversaw business development and project delivery activities in four national practice areas: planning and performance management, freight and economics, transportation safety, and transit and shared mobility.

A proud Coast Guard Veteran, he is an active volunteer supporting local youth basketball and soccer programs in Southern California and is an avid runner, reader, and sports and live music fan.

MS, Civil Engineering (Transportation Systems & Management), University of Virginia

BS, Civil Engineering, US Coast Guard Academy

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