Modeling & Analytics

Activity-based modeling

RSG, in partnership with John Bowman, has pioneered one of the most frequently-used activity-based modeling frameworks in the U.S. With 18 activity-based models across the country, RSG has developed, calibrated, validated and forecasted passenger travel using daily simulated activity patterns. RSG helps clients design activity-based models to address transportation policies of interest and then implement these models to evaluate performance of the transportation system. Activity-based models are dynamic and flexible, giving clients and RSG the ability to update these models with additional features of interest for years to come.

RSG has also engaged in federal research related to activity-based modeling, including leading the recent TMIP webinar series on activity-based models, participating in the FHWA study on transferability of activity-based models, and participating in the NCHRP 8-78 study on activity modeling for pedestrian and bicycle travel. RSG is also developing a long-distance passenger travel modeling framework based on activity-based modeling principles as part of an exploratory federal research project.