Long Distance Passenger Travel Demand Modeling Framework

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

RSG led a team of academics (from University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, Auburn University, and University of Leeds) to develop a framework for a long distance travel demand model that can be used to build a national model for the U.S. This framework included exploration of advanced modeling methods for existing state-wide models, including model structure, trip purposes, market segmentation, synthetic populations, and model forms. The modeling framework considered agent-based modeling of households, annual models including weekend and seasonal travel, alternative model structures, leisure and business travel and implementation challenges. The first phase of the project (1 year) was to review the literature, design the framework and develop a work plan for the research phase (2 years). The research plan included model estimation and data recommendations. The new national passenger forecasting model possible based on this framework allows federal, state, and regional planners to make more informed decisions about the policy and infrastructure investments they are considering.

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