Travel Model Improvement Program (TMIP) Program Support and Outreach

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

The Travel Model Improvement Program (TMIP) is a program within the FHWA Office of Planning that conducts research, provides technical assistance, and delivers training to local, regional, and state transportation planning professionals. TMIP works to advance travel modeling capabilities and support transportation professionals as they respond to current and future challenges. TMIP is guided by its mission to improve analysis practices and ensure that transportation professionals are well equipped to inform and support strategic transportation and performance based decision making.

RSG supports the TMIP program by providing technical assistance, technology transfer and capacity building workshops and seminars. Specifically, RSG works on a daily basis with FHWA staff to:

  • Maintain program media and outreach via the TMIP-L e-mail list and program websites
  • Coordinate, support, and document the highly successful and visible TMIP Peer Review Program
  • Deliver and provide technical support for TMIP webinars and other workshops-over-the-web
  • Develop the TMIP Planning Analysis Toolbox that will serve as a comprehensive reference resource for the selection and application of analytical tools and quantitative methods to support data driven, performance-based transportation planning while incorporating principles of risk management

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