Integrated Activity-based Model with a Time-sensitive Network

National Academies - TRB: SHRP2 C10

RSG developed an integrated travel model system that combines an advanced activity-based travel demand model with a detailed time-sensitive network assignment model. This model system more accurately captures the dynamic interplay between traveler behavior and network conditions, and allows planning organizations to build more accurate models. These models will enhance the decision making process around transportation-related issues such as variable road pricing and travel demand management strategies. This integrated modeling system includes three sub-models:

  • PopGen – a synthetic population generator that creates synthetic populations that match control variables along both household and human dimensions
  • DaySim – an RSG-developed program to simulate 24-hour itineraries using a spatial resolution of parcels and a temporal resolution of minutes
  • TRANSIMS – a program to generate 24-hour regional network simulations of individual travelers on a second-by-second basis)

This integrated modeling system demonstrated enhanced sensitivity to changes in network performance by detailed time of day, and further demonstrated the transferability of activity-based model systems across regions. This model system is being applied in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; and Burlington, Vermont.

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