Simulation - human & market behavior

RSG has deep experience using simulation modeling to represent the complex interplay between human behavior and physical systems. Our experience includes producing detailed simulations of household activity, consumer markets, and global aviation systems. Our simulation modeling draws from a broad array of approaches, including agent-based, cellular automata, probabilistic, risk-based, and system dynamics methods. Our applications range in scale from simulations of individual highway corridors to global consumer product markets, allowing our clients to make informed and prudent decisions. Our simulation work is supported by both RSG’s industry and service experts and our software engineering group that specializes in developing complex systems simulation models.

Long Distance Passenger Travel Demand Modeling Framework

RSG led a team of academics (from University of Texas at Austin, Arizona State University, Auburn University, and University of Leeds) to develop a

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Tour-based and Supply Chain Modeling for Freight

Despite recent advances in freight and commercial vehicle modeling, the current state of the practice methods are not adequate to address the increasingly complex

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Forecasting Long-term Vehicle Demand

A major auto components manufacturer wanted to improve their long-term vehicle demand forecasting to inform strategic planning decisions. The client also wanted to be

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International Vehicle Choice Segmentation for New Market Entry

A major auto components manufacturer wanted to introduce a successful product from one geographic market into another where it was a relative unknown. They

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Co-branded Credit Card Portfolio Design

A major bank and commercial airline wanted to take advantage of unmet customer needs for higher-end benefits as part of a portfolio of co-branded

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3D Television Pricing

A leading consumer electronics manufacturer – one of the first to market with a 3D Television – had developed a sleek 3DTV with new

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The Effect of Smart Growth Policies on Travel Demand

The Smart Growth Area Planning (SmartGAP) tool was developed as part of the of the SHRP 2 C16 project, “The Effect of Smart Growth

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Integrated Activity-based Model with a Time-sensitive Network

RSG developed an integrated travel model system that combines an advanced activity-based travel demand model with a detailed time-sensitive network assignment model. This model

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