Steven Gayle, PTP


Steve joined RSG in 2010, bringing 30 years of experience in metropolitan transportation planning. He is a national leader in transportation policy development and planning applications. He has supported the Federal Highway Administration in their work to link transportation planning and system operations and improve travel time reliability, and research on best practices of regional transportation planning organizations. Steve is actively assisting metropolitan planning organizations in developing long range transportation plans, and applying the principles of performance-based planning and measuring the outcomes of their programs and projects. Steve also is a Certified Instructor for the National Highway Institute.

Prior to joining RSG, Steve was the Executive Director of the Binghamton (NY) Metropolitan Transportation Study, winning national recognition for his initiatives in scenario planning. During that time, he served as International President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, and Vice President of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

Steve enjoys community service, as a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, and as a Boy Scout leader where he can exercise his enjoyment of hiking.

MRP, Regional Planning, Syracuse University
BA, Natural Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

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