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Greg Spitz

Senior Director

Greg is a transportation economist, planner, and project manager with both domestic and international experience. His focus is researching transit using multiple types of transit surveys: origin-destination (O-D), stated preference (SP), customer satisfaction, and market analysis. From these surveys, he estimates demand models to create travel market forecasts. As part of his daily efforts, Greg manages projects, designs and develops surveys, moderates focus groups, conducts descriptive and multivariate statistical analyses, and reports and presents the results of his studies.

Greg has been interested in public transportation issues for a long time. His first attempt to make a living in the field was starting a bicycle rickshaw business in Chicago using Indonesian pedicabs. It was a fantastic job that paid the rent, provided plenty of exercise, and also left him some beer money. However, it didn’t provide for much else (especially during Chicago’s winters), so Greg looked for something more in the field of transportation.

Before joining RSG in 1996, Greg worked at Louis Berger International as an international transportation consultant on large infrastructure projects, primarily in Southeast Asia (where he traveled around again via Indonesian pedicabs, but this time as a passenger).