10.19.2020 - 10.21.2020

Quiet Drones: A Symposium on Noise from UASs/UAVs and eVTOLs

RSG's Eddie Duncan will present at this week's Quiet Drones e-symposium in Paris, France on Tuesday, October 20. The event has been organized by INCE/Europe in association with CidB and with support from the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

As drone technology takes off, this first-of-its-kind event gathers acousticians, governments, and industry experts to discuss drone noise issues and solutions. Eddie will present the findings from his paper, “Commercial Delivery Drone Routing: A Case Study of Noise Impacts.” The paper was co-authored by RSG's Ken Kaliski, Isaac Old, Erica Wygonik, and Justin Culp.

Noise will become an increasingly important issue facing communities as more companies begin drone delivery operations. Our latest white paper, “Three Considerations Around Drone Noise and Strategies for Mitigation,” explores some of these issues and offers proactive solutions for policymakers and industry leaders. You can read our white paper here.

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