10.05.2021 - 10.08.2021

AMPO 2021 Annual Conference

RSG Senior Director Joel Freedman will present at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) conference this year. The AMPO 2021 Annual Conference gathers the nation's largest MPOs to advance the industry conversation around transportation planning.

Joel's presentation will discuss RSG's applications of ActivitySim. As ActivitySim's lead developers, we'll share insights into how this state-of-the-practice, open-source activity-based modeling platform can help clients (particularly MPOs) answer important travel demand questions. Technological and societal shifts require a strategic approach to planning and modeling, which RSG and ActivitySim deliver.

Who? Joel Freedman, Senior Director (RSG)

What? Moderated conversation on activity-based modeling using ActivitySim.

Where and When? The AMPO 2021 Annual Conference is being held in Scottsdale, Arizona. Joel is presenting during a session on Wednesday, October 6 at 1:45 p.m. PT. The conference occurs from October 5 to October 8. The registration link is below.

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