Year: 2019

Three RSGers published in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America


RSG’s Ryan Haac, Ken Kaliski, and Matthew Landis were published in a recent issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Their paper, part of a multi-disciplinary research effort led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, evaluates the factors that affect outdoor audibility and noise annoyance of wind turbines.

Interestingly, they found that wind turbine sound level was the most robust predictor of audibility yet only a weak, albeit significant, predictor of noise annoyance. Consistent with international findings, they found that communities in the US are less tolerant of wind turbine noise than other common environmental noise sources.

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RSG Sr. Director Presents at Annual State Park Managers Meeting


RSG Senior Director Steve Lawson was asked to present recently at the New Hampshire State Park Managers Meeting in Pembroke, NH. His presentation shared the framework for managing visitor use and capacities at parks and how to apply this information to address issues like overcrowding, resource impacts, and risk management within public lands. The meeting, held annually in New Hampshire, draws in park managers, park directors, and district supervisors from across the state.

Learn more about our work on public lands in our latest summary report for the National Park Service and Department of the Interior.

RSG Sr. Director Published in Kathmandu Press on Sustainable Tourism


While on a U.S. Department of State-sponsored trip to Nepal, RSG’s parks and protected lands expert Steve Lawson was interviewed by Annapurna FM Radio and Kathmandu Press. He, along with Penn State University’s Peter Newman, explained that while “building infrastructure is important for tourism promotion… Nepal needs to do it responsibly taking into consideration its fragile ecosystem, and possible impacts of overtourism on local communities, culture and the environment.”

RSG Sr. Director Presenting in Nepal on Trip Sponsored by US State Department


RSG Sr. Director Steve Lawson is in Nepal this week, sponsored by the US State Department. In addition to presenting at three Nepali universities, he is meeting with officials from several government agencies and commercial tourism and trekking enterprises – including Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation; Tourism Board; and Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation – to discuss sustainable tourism and visitor use management, including visitor use, crowding, and safety on Mt. Everest.

RSG Director Presents Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Seminar on Drone Use for Freight


Yesterday, RSG Director Erica Wygonik presented at the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) September ‘Talking Freight’ seminar on drones. She provided an overview of the relative strengths and weaknesses of delivery drones as a freight transportation mode compared to other long-established or emerging freight transport methods.

FHWA hosts the ‘Talking Freight' seminars as part of a broader program aimed at providing technical assistance, training, tools, and information to help the freight and planning workforce meet the transportation challenges of tomorrow.

Burlington, VT Releases Net Zero Energy Roadmap with Support from RSG


Today, the City of Burlington, VT is to release their ‘Net Zero Energy Roadmap,' with transportation elements led by RSG. In addition to providing new economic and environmental analyses across the electric, thermal, and ground transportation sectors in the city, the roadmap will explain how Burlington can achieve one of the most ambitious local climate goals in the country and share new initiatives for support.

RSG Article on Minorities in Parks Published in Journal of Park and Recreation Administration


Racial and ethnic minorities have traditionally been underrepresented and underserved in outdoor recreation areas. RSG’s Molly Ryan, Steve Lawson, and Abbie Larkin examined this issue alongside the National Park Service’s Steven Roberts and David Pettebone in the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Their article, with research from the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (CASA) in Florida, demonstrates how culturally competent focus groups can be used to engage minority communities in local national park units. By incorporating elements of cultural competence through focus group design, recruitment and retention, and conduct, and by making genuine attempts to incorporate community representation into park planning and decision-making, park managers can better engage and build long-term relationships with underrepresented communities.

RSG CEO is Cover Story on Vermont Business Magazine


RSG CEO Stephen Lawe is featured on the cover of Vermont Business Magazine’s August issue. The cover story highlights RSG’s evolution and how we are shaping the future.


Summary Report on RSG’s Work with the National Park Service and Department of the Interior Published


From developing and piloting a system-wide socioeconomic monitoring program to conducting park-level visitor use studies to inform planning and visitor use management, we’re honored to have worked on over 75 projects with the National Park Service (NPS) over the last four years.

Learn more about our work with the NPS and Department of the Interior in our latest summary report.

RSG Senior Director Published in TR News on Understanding the Factors that Influence Mode Choice


RSG Senior Director Matt Coogan authors “Understanding Demographics, Preferences, and Locations Influencing the Future of Public Transportation,” published in the Transportation Research Board’s bimonthly magazine, TR News.

Demographic groups respond differently to common sets of transportation options. In this article, Matt goes beyond simply analyzing travel times and costs to explore the underlying factors that influence mode choice.

RSG Senior Director Published in Transportation Research Record on Meteorological Effects on Roadway Noise


In the US, road traffic noise levels are typically estimated without including the effects of meteorology. Research shows, however, that atmospheric changes can greatly impact these levels. The Transportation Research Board-sponsored NCHRP 25-52, Meteorological Effects on Roadway Noise, documents these meteorological effects and develops best practices for managing them.

RSG Senior Director Ken Kaliski was co-author to a follow-up article published in the latest issue of Transportation Research Record. It provides further information on the data collection and includes recommendations for applying this data to future highway noise studies.

RSG Article on Using Smartphone Application for Recurrent Travel Behavior Data Collection Published in Transportation Research Record


RSG’s Joann Lynch, Jeff Dumont, and Elizabeth Greene published in the latest issue of Transportation Research Record. Their article, titled “Use of a Smartphone GPS Application for Recurrent Travel Behavior Data Collection,” details RSG’s pilot study for the Metropolitan Council merging the traditional two-part household travel survey into one continuous survey experience via RSG’s smartphone application, rMove™.