RSG’s scenario planning work awarded “Best Panel Presentation” at TRB conference

RSG and our client partners at the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) received the “Best Panel Presentation” award at the Transportation Research Board's Conference on Innovations in Travel Analysis and Planning. The presentation was given by Adam Argo, Principal Planner at ODOT. RSG Director Jonathan Slason co-presented the topic.

The award-winning presentation, titled “Oregon Transportation Plan: Case Studies of Utilizing Scenario Planning in an Era of Rapid Change and Uncertainty,” focused on our team's joint efforts to develop an innovative scenario planning model for the Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP). The OTP is an outcome-driven plan guiding Oregon's transportation system for the next 20-25 years. It prioritizes equity, safety, sustainability, economic vitality, and multimodal travel options.

ODOT, with RSG's expertise, employed a financially bounded modeling approach to explore investment prioritization in an uncertain future. The project integrated cutting-edge tools like VisionEval and TMIP-EMAT. This collaboration enabled the evaluation of thousands of potential futures, offering quantitative insights for statewide planning use by practitioners. The OTP addresses key questions regarding investment choices, prioritization strategies, and the influence of emerging technologies and climate change.

For more information on the Oregon Transportation Plan Update, click here. To learn more about RSG's strategic transportation planning service and how it supports scenario planning work, click here.