RSGers lead sessions during virtual 2020 Fall North Carolina Model Users Group Meeting

Four RSGers led two sessions during the virtual 2020 Fall North Carolina Model Users Group (NCMUG) meeting, which was held on Wednesday, December 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET. The 2020 meeting focused on COVID-19's impact on travel behavior and data collection as well as the use of passively collected data (“big data”).

The presentation given by RSG Director Michelle Lee and RSG Senior Analyst Abigail Rosenson, titled “Longitudinal Surveys to Understand Short- and Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19,” discussed survey methodology best practices to achieve representative samples using panels and described primary panel data applications. Their presentation also discussed COVID-19 travel implications nationally and in North Carolina, with a particular focus on demographic implications and attitudes about travel resumption. A recording of their presentation can be viewed here.

The presentation given by RSG Senior Consultant Stephen Tuttle and RSG Consultant Steven Trevino, titled “Big Data & Pivoting in the NC Statewide Model (NCSTM),” provided an overview of the location-based service data processing and expansion methodology used in the NCSTM. Their presentation detailed the application of passively collected data to the NCSTM via the pivot process, provided a review of the results from data expansion, and described future big data applications, including post-COVID-19 uses and forecast scenarios. A recording of their presentation can be viewed here.

About NCMUG: The vision of NCMUG is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences of using state-of-practice transportation modeling tools, techniques, and innovations appropriate to answer transportation planning and policy questions for the State of North Carolina, and promote its implementation across the State.

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