RSG opposes New Hampshire House Bill 544, An Act Relative to the propagation of divisive concepts

RSG is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). More than words, these principles that inform our values also require action on our part as an employer. For this reason, we have joined dozens of other businesses in opposition to New Hampshire House Bill 544, An Act Relative to the propagation of divisive concepts.

HB 544, if it became law, would restrict our ability to offer DEI training to our employee-owners, many of whom live and work in New Hampshire. This restriction would not only have a chilling effect on businesses like ours, but it would also put us at a competitive disadvantage as we seek to attract, retain, and empower diverse talent.

As an employer with a national reach and reputation built on trust, it is important we engage in the difficult conversations required as part of our DEI work. Through these conversations, we better ourselves as individuals. This, in turn, allows us to serve our clients more effectively, many of whom now are also engaged in similar DEI work.

DEI training is just one way we seek to confront systemic racism, white supremacy, and unconscious biases. By restricting our capacity to offer these types of trainings, this bill significantly limits our ability to support our employee-owners and confront the important issues facing our clients and communities.

At the end of the day, HB 544 is just one bill. We will continue to challenge ourselves and others to oppose laws, policies, and actions that run counter to the values we seek to embody as an employer. We encourage other businesses and organizations to join us in opposing HB 544 and bills like it as we seek to create and model a more inclusive workforce and society.