Michie Blevins joins RSG as Vice President

Michie Blevins joins RSG as Vice President of Finance and Accounting and brings over a decade of experience in the professional services industry.

Throughout her career, Michie has championed the delivery of superior financial data and services, ensuring her clientele and stakeholders remain a step ahead. Across her roles, she has overseen accounting systems and teams to deliver streamlined workflows to project stakeholders.

“I’m excited to be joining RSG!” said Michie. “This is an incredible opportunity to join a dynamic and forward-thinking company where I can contribute my financial expertise to help steer RSG to continued success. I look forward to collaborating with our talented team while playing an integral role in financial management and analysis.”

Michie's experience delivering financial knowledge and insights will help us ensure we are honoring our commitments while delivering exceptional services to clients and vendors.