ActivitySim consortium releases major updates to ActivitySim and PopulationSim

As the lead developer for both ActivitySim and PopulationSim, we're thrilled to announce some recent updates. These updates have made the open-source platform easier to use, faster, and better at forecasting travel. The latest ActivitySim updates included several significant RSG-developed contributions:

  • Estimation integration improvements.
  • A work-from-home model.
  • Several performance enhancements (including improvements to chunking, destination choice presampling for multiple zone system models, use of representative time period logsums for scheduling models, and multithreading and chunking of the accessibility calculator).
  • Additional examples and improvements to example management.
  • Testing and distribution across regions.
  • Several small improvements, bug fixes, and improvements to documentation.

PopulationSim updates included adding support for parallelization (i.e., multiprocessing) to significantly reduce runtimes.

ActivitySim is a state-of-the-practice activity-based modeling platform that is always improving, and RSG and ActivitySim consortium members are currently planning more updates. These include support for transit pass ownership modeling and improved methods for configuring and running the model with available machine memory—to make configuration easier and reduce runtimes.

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