Second Edition of Big Data Meets Survey Science Conference (BigSurv20)

RSG’s Mark Bradley will present at the Big Data Meets Survey Science Conference (BigSurv20) on Friday, November 13 at 11:45 a.m. ET.

Mark's presentation, titled Smartphone-based travel surveys: An example of controlled data fusion, discusses findings from work done with RSG's Jeff Doyle. Their research offers unique insights into “controlled” data fusion methods that can be used to impute trip purposes and modes in cases where the reported data from household travel surveys are suspect. The presentation gives background on the smartphone-based survey approach and experiences, describes the fusion/imputation methods developed and applied thus far, and discusses future directions for development.

This second edition of BigSurv20 is being held virtually this year on Fridays throughout the months of November and December. BigSurv2020 gathers a diverse group of practitioners who discuss how big data and data science can improve the quality of statistics production and use.

BigSurv20 registration is free and required to attend. Attendees receive access to the full event program and can view the prerecorded presentations and ask questions of the presenters during the last 15 minutes of each prerecorded session. Click here to view a recording of Mark's presentation.

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