09.26.2023 - 09.29.2023

2023 AMPO Annual Conference

RSG is excited to participate in the 2023 Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMPO) Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, from September 26 to September 29, 2023.

RSG Consultant Caroline Wood will deliver a presentation titled “From Commutes to Couches: The Evolution of Telework and Trip Replacement Behaviors,” which will explore the rise in teleworking, the impacts of trip replacement behaviors like food delivery, and the current trends in travel modes and purposes. Using data from recurrent travel surveys, including the Metropolitan Council’s Travel Behavior Inventory, the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Travel Study, and the Triangle Travel Survey, Caroline will share insights into changes in travel patterns, comparing the period before the pandemic to the present. Caroline will deliver her presentation with Dennis Farmer, a Planning Analyst at Metropolitan Council.

With a spotlight on teleworking trends and their correlation to various factors such as age, income, and industry, the session aims to give MPOs actionable insights for effective post-pandemic planning.

Who? Caroline Wood, Consultant (RSG)

What? “From Commutes to Couches: The Evolution of Telework and Trip Replacement Behaviors”

Where and When? The AMPO Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, September 28 from 1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET.

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