Segmentation is not a strategic objective in and of itself, but rather a means to accomplish strategic objectives. RSG creates actionable and effective customer segmentation plans for our clients that define and prioritize opportunities, by aligning our modeling and analyses with the client’s strategic objectives and possible actions.
We leverage a range of segmentation techniques to clarify market models, identify distinct market segments, and inform targeted marketing strategies. Our use of analytical tools is customized to the clients’ objectives, and we are well-positioned to employ our in-depth modeling expertise and our applied market strategy knowledge to further these objectives.

Segmentation Resulting in a New Business Model

RSG’s client faced a declining market position in a mature industry due to considerable competition from both a dominant industry leader and emerging challengers.

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International Vehicle Choice Segmentation for New Market Entry

A major auto components manufacturer wanted to introduce a successful product from one geographic market into another where it was a relative unknown. They

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Pricing and Bundling of a Complex B2B Service Offering

A leading HR and Payroll outsourcing company wanted to optimize its pricing and product bundling scheme to maximize revenue while still simplifying its product

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Small Car Market Segmentation

A major auto manufacturer was interested in segmenting the small car market in order to target key segments for two new vehicle models. RSG

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Consumer Financing Segmentation

A leading provider of patient financing for healthcare procedures planned to expand its offerings into other market segments. It targeted a growing segment with

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Mobile Device Portfolio Optimization

A leading mobile phone manufacturer needed to continuously and systematically assess its portfolio’s competitiveness in the global marketplace. In addition, new products needed to

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Northeast Driver Safety Behavior Segmentation

The New England Transportation Institute (NETI) was interested in better understanding issues of rural highway safety. The vastly higher rate of highway deaths experienced

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Experiences Create Affinity Across Segments and Product Categories

For consumers, mobile devices represent an essential component of lifestyle. Our client built its market share leadership by offering devices with an iconic style

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