Experiences Create Affinity Across Segments and Product Categories

A leading consumer electronics manufacturer

For consumers, mobile devices represent an essential component of lifestyle. Our client built its market share leadership by offering devices with an iconic style that connected with consumers. To continue leadership, they would need to ensure that new offerings connect with the experiences that define the lifestyles of consumers in their target segments.

RSG helped the client to validate existing product categories and hypothesize new ones by identifying the vital consumer experiences that link their established segments to device and feature needs. A global survey was conducted that gathered consumer preferences for devices and features, important lifestyle activities and attitudes, and demographics. Applying advanced analytics to these diverse data, RSG identified clusters of consumer experiences that transcend national borders, and quantified the affinity that each segment has with each experience.

The results enabled the client to understand how their current product categories aligned with each national market, each target segment, and with a theoretically ideal set of product categories. They could better prioritize investments for each category, and the granular detail from the survey helped them to better visualize the types of products and features that could deliver these core experiences. As the experience categories are device-agnostic, the client could imagine offerings beyond the devices they currently manufactured.

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