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Mark Fowler


At RSG, Mark helps clients understand how travelers will respond to the pricing of transportation infrastructure. Since joining the firm in 2004, he has conducted dozens of research projects related to the behavioral response of travelers to road pricing and congestion management techniques, including toll roads and bridges, managed/HOT lanes, area/cordon pricing, congestion pricing, VMT fees, and parking fees. The results of these studies are used to support investment-grade traffic and revenue forecasts for transportation infrastructure projects across the United States and Canada.

Mark has also applied his expertise in behavioral research to the automotive and aviation industries, including understanding the factors that drive vehicle purchase decisions and flight itinerary selection. In his current role, Mark manages projects, designs and develops qualitative and quantitative research tools, conducts discrete choice modeling and quantitative data analysis, and reports and presents the findings of these studies.

When not collecting and modeling transportation data, Mark can be found trying to coerce his young children into enjoying his favorite activities, including skiing, hiking, and watching Celtics games. He lives with his wife, two children, and trusty canine companion in Burlington, Vermont.