Mark Fowler

Market Leader

Mark Fowler is an expert in market research and demand forecasting for new transportation services and infrastructure. He has a wealth of experience using stated preference techniques and discrete choice models to understand how consumers will respond to new travel options, including advanced air mobility services, autonomous ride-hailing, and urban congestion pricing plans. He has also applied his behavioral research expertise to the automotive and aviation industries, providing insights into consumer decision-making related to vehicle purchase, airport access, and flight itinerary selection.

As a researcher at RSG, Mark has led over 150 projects. He values the fact that the company is employee-owned. Mark is a trustee of the firm's employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) trust.

In his free time, Mark enjoys skiing, hiking, and running in the mountains of New England. He currently resides in Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, two children, and beloved dog.

BS, Physics, Bates College

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