Wind Farm Noise Impact Assessment

Crocker Wind Farm, South Dakota

National Grid Renewables developed Crocker Wind Farm, a 200-megawatt wind energy project located in Clark County, South Dakota. To prepare the project for permitting, RSG was hired to conduct a noise compliance assessment. The assessment included preconstruction background sound-level measurements over a one-week period, sound-propagation modeling of several turbine models, and development of noise mitigation for each option. The project was designed to comply with the county noise limits and the state permit limits. RSG provided expert testimony before the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission regarding the noise assessment. Since the project was found to meet the state requirements, including the applicable noise limits, the Public Utilities Commission approved the project and issued a permit. The project was constructed and began operating in December 2019.

Special thanks to National Grid Renewables for the featured wind turbine image.

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