Ridge Road Quarry Noise & Traffic Studies

East Middlebury Community Group and J.P. Carrara & Sons

RSG was retained by Ridge Road Quarry, LLC to conduct noise and traffic impact studies for a proposed quarry next to Interstate 89 in Randolph, Vermont. As part of the noise study, RSG monitored background sound levels at the proposed site to quantify and characterize the existing soundscape of the area. Using our extensive noise emissions library, we modeled the sound level at neighboring residences and the project property line in a sound propagation model. RSG designed mitigation to ensure that sound levels did not exceed local or state noise limits and demonstrated the effectiveness of the mitigation in the sound propagation model. We provided the data in a report and presented the information at an Act 250 hearing.

Also for this project, RSG conducted a detailed assessment of potential traffic impacts associated with the proposed Ridge Road Quarry. RSG examined roadway conditions, crash histories, and sight distances along the access to the quarry, and outlined potential impacts to roadway conditions, vehicle delays and congestion, and overall safety in the region. In addition to drafting a comprehensive Traffic Impact Study for the project, we presented our findings to the public throughout the local and Act 250 permitting processes.

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