Regional Plan Evaluation Criteria and Performance Measures

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Over the past few years, SANDAG has been developing new analytic tools and capabilities. Two of the most significant additions to SANDAG’s analysis tool kit include the development and implementation of a CT-RAMP activity-based model system and the development and implementation of a PECAS land-use model. In order to help staff make maximal use of these new tools in the regional transportation plan process, RSG is helping SANDAG develop and apply project-level evaluation criteria and scenario-level performance measures.

As part of this effort, RSG staff assessed the feasibility of “mode neutral” project evaluation criteria and worked extensively with SANDAG planning and technical staff to identify relevant assessment metrics. Project team staff presented to internal and external stakeholders and coordinated multiple peer exchanges to review project recommendations, and support SANDAG outreach efforts.

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