Ohio Medium/Small MPO Model Update

Ohio Department of Transportation

The Ohio Medium/Small MPO Model System (OMS) was developed 10 years ago to provide a standard enhanced four step modeling framework for eight of Ohio’s smaller MPO areas. As part of the 2010 model update, a number of improvements are being made to the system. ODOT’s goal is to move their small/medium sized models towards more advanced practice where it makes sense in small, manageable steps that can be applied to any area. The tasks have included assignment improvements (more stringent convergence criteria, faster algorithms for user equilibrium, additional user classes including truck breakouts and travelers by income groups, more realistic vehicle operating costs, driver biases, and other components of generalized cost), new validation statistics (MAPE and GEH, travel time statistics for comparison with INRIX data), and Feedback/Warm Start testing (tests to compare free-flow, warm start and feedback to find best method). A new auto ownership model component was developed and integrated with the existing synthetic household model. The project will conclude with the re-validation of the eight MPO models to a new 2010 base year.

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