Natural Food Product Line Optimization

A leading national packaged goods manufacturer

RSG’s client, a packaged goods manufacturer, held the leading market share in a rapidly-growing natural food product category. Beyond their broad line of current varieties, they had developed a large “pipeline” of future products to launch over the next year. However, it was not clear what combination of varieties would maximize sales, and whether consumers preferred more size choices instead of more flavors. Further, the client was tasked by their trade partners to present a clear case for product assortment, in absence of sales data for the yet-to-be-launched products.

In order to address this, RSG interviewed consumers through a photo-realistic simulated shelf exercise, identifying what products they would purchase under different scenarios varying products, sizes, shelving, and other components of the at-the-shelf experience. Through advanced analytics, RSG helped the client create an optimized product line combining existing and new varieties, sizes, and multiple product facings. This rigorous analysis also provided an objective opinion that helped the client in negotiations with their trade partners.

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