Household Cleaner Concept Evaluation

A consumer packaged goods company

A household products manufacturer needed to make a go / no-go decision on a new product. If they decided to move forward with the product launch, they also needed to understand its target consumer and preferences for label design (e.g., scent names, messaging). RSG worked with the client to design and implement a study to inform these important decisions.

The study included both an online survey and an in-home trial. The online survey aimed at understanding consumers’ interest level in the concept as well as their preferences for scents and label details including names, co-branding, etc. This data was then supported by feedback from a set of in-home trial users who were able to evaluate the product’s actual effectiveness, scent, etc.

The online concept evaluation indicated a clear interest in the product concept. However, the in-home trial revealed that one product feature was polarizing. Results from the study enabled the client to confidently make the go / no-go decision and modify the product features, label design and messaging to optimize the product prior to launch.

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