Future Mobility Study

Leading Global Auto Manufacturer

A leading global automaker chose RSG to conduct two phases of research to help understand consumers’ current and future mobility patterns and mode usage. The first phase of research focused on the top three major international automotive markets (US, China, Europe). The second phase of work explored how consumers across 16 countries—from major existing markets to developing markets—move and how that travel will be affected by the introduction of new mobility services.

Additionally, RSG is helping automakers understand consumers’ attitudes toward—and potential response to—possible “disruptions” in the mobility environment in the next 10 years that could drastically affect vehicle sales. Such disruptions could include increased regulation, changing oil prices, alternatives to car ownership, and global geopolitical changes. RSG quantified the current and likely future behaviors related to consumers’ mobility and transportation mode decisions in these major markets to understand potential shifts in behavior. Each phase used a survey to collect data; the results helped inform key strategic decisions.

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